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Old branch of the Guadalquivir River, where the riches brought from America were traded. Host of the sword smith guild, and first place to grow tobacco, potatoes and tomatoes in Europe. Part of the Official processional pathway in Holy Week. Where legends took place, whose under-soil sheltered a serpent that kidnapped children. Home to three convents over the XVII and XVII centuries. The city whose Cárcel Real (Royal Gaols) witnessed the captivity of Martínez Montañés, Alonso Cano, Mateo Alemán or Cervantes. Where the Quixote was born (as stated in its prologue, “much like one engendered in prison, where every discomfort has its seat and every dismal sound its habitation”). Heart of Seville. Main commercial artery of the city. Emblem and reflection of Seville’s social life. Stroll and tradition.

This and a lot more is our street. SIERPES.

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